Friday, 22 June 2012

Enjoying writing again

The process of writing five novels in five years has been a great lesson. I've discovered my way of writing, inefficient though it seems even to me. A Baby's Bones is coming along nicely. It hit 40k with lots of loose ends, a rather banal main character and very uncertain tone. Is is a scary thriller, or a bit of a historical romance? So, three days of analysing it, summarising the scenes and creating a new structure has brought the story forward, added a subplot, strengthened the scary elements and evened the pace up a bit. I have now a list of scenes divided into chapters of a contemporary strand that mirrors or hints at events in 1580. I'm looking forward to filling in the words. 

The book (The Secrets of Life and Death) is out to editors, and my job is to stay serenely calm and rise above the waiting. Well, it's a nice thought, but to be honest, I've just distracted myself with the book (good), the kids that are returning from college and university like swallows, and planning my first holiday away with my husband in several years. One week in the Lake District followed by a 'How to Pitch your Book' workshop in Nottingham. Hopefully by then, I'll have heard something.

Meanwhile, if Secrets actually finds a publisher I can get on with the book I'm dying to write, part two of Kelley and Dee's adventures, and what happened next to Jack and Sadie! I've had loads of ideas, and have been sketching out scenes and ideas. I always write two books at a time, so it won't be difficult to write Bones alongside it.

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