Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Editing for the agent

The meeting with the agent went extremely well - she is knowledgeable about all the bits I'm not, like publishers, marketing, what makes a book sell. So I have an agent. Now she's given me a lot of changes to make, some very minor and some rather larger. I've decided to take her advice to the max, giving me a new way to completely restructure the book. I now feel, with her help, that I really understand my book (which seems strange, since I came up with it!), through the eyes of someone who has read and enjoyed it. 

Editing is painful, and with each idea I feel some resistance but, after reflection, I have been able to either see her point of view and make the changes, or recognise the problem and come up with a new solution.

Psychologically, I'm aware of the atmosphere we are immersed in as writers - it seems impossible to actually write a book and get it published. So this process of getting closer seems unreal. That makes it difficult to take it seriously, but working for the agent, sticking to deadlines, producing work to order - that is familiar territory. That I can manage, I've even tidied up the book-room and my desk (I doubt if anyone would notice much difference but I know). 

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