Friday, 2 March 2012

It's official - I'm a runner up in Mslexia's first novel competition

I'm very excited here, to see my name in print with the magic words 'runner up'. The article also names, finally, the winner, whose poetry is amazing and I'm looking forward to reading her book. My own journey is moving on, I have a meeting with an agent organised and hope to report back next week. It seems to me that the publishing world is fairly terrifying and complex, and an agent would help enormously. Keep your fingers crossed for me.

Meanwhile, writing A Baby's Bones (I finally came up with a working title) I have enjoyed doing historical research. I have a copy of the Earl of Leicester's household accounts (amazingly, not a best-seller), which I got second hand. What an amazing read, as they note down 'for your Lordship', every expense of running a 300 man household in five actual houses, as well as his quarters at court. Everything from 'a dozen fowles' to a coffin 'for the chylde of Rychard Pepper, steward in your service'. Fascinating stuff.

It did make me consider an issue of income. I don't make any money from my writing (yet) and it costs money. Books, printer paper and toner, even travel for research all add up. Not to mention, not actually bringing in a wage. I've started keeping receipts for books and stationery, but don't earn any money so I can't do anything with them. I was wondering if there was a book out there for authors about running a business as a writer? I would be grateful for any suggestions.  


  1. I run my husband's office for him (he's a full-time writer), so we should sit down and discuss it some time. You might be glad to hear that it isn't terribly complicated.

    Best of luck, and I'll look forward to reading about your meeting with that agent.



    1. Thank you Nicola, it did go well! I still don't entirely believe it.