Friday, 9 November 2012

Back to work with a plan

My plan is to try and nail the first draft of book 2 - the one I haven't already written - by the end of the year AND do the big structural edits on book 1 when I get the guidance back from my editor. I have an editor, how great is that?

They still haven't announced anything, but I'm looking forward to being able to talk about all the amazing things that are going on with the new family of authors I have joined, even as a very junior partner. Not to mention, their incredible books, which I've been privileged to see in proof form, anyway.

Meanwhile, the illustrious winner of the Mslexia Novel competition, Rosie Garland, has been extremely generous in relaying her experiences into the world of publishing, from her amazing book deal to her progression through cover art, edits, and right through to the proof stage. I have been glued to her story, and am looking forward to her book, The Palace of Curiosities, coming out in March 2012 thanks to HarperCollins. I can't wait.