The Secrets of Teeth and Bone

The Secrets of Teeth and Bone finds Jack and Sadie escaping Devon for a cottage in the Lake District, to renovate a house after its owner died in strange circumstances. The house seems to have more secrets to uncover, about the local landowners and their relationship with the cottage. In 1587 in Venice, Edward Kelley is on a mission to see a tablet, carved in Roman times, that may hold the answer to a life saving magical ritual. But people are looking for Kelley, not least of which is Elizabeth Bathory, the serial killer, and Father Konrad, of the Holy Inquisition. This, the second book in the 'Secrets' series, is to be published in 2014 by Del Rey UK.

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  1. I absolutely cannot put this book down. I'm currently reading four books and I keep picking this book back up in favouritism. I'm so looking forward to picking up your sequel and prequel when they are available, and checking out your other work. Thank you for such an enjoyable read. :)