Friday, 4 October 2013

Bad, bad blogger

I am a bad blogger. I've been racing away on my other blog (my writing blog, Witchway) but have completely neglected this one. So: news

The Secrets of Life and Death comes out on the 10th October *squeals in a mixture of excitement and terror*. I shall find out if it's a dud or not as far as readers go over the next few months - you never can tell. I've read some masterful books that didn't sell well, and some real monsters that have been bestsellers. That's not monster in a good way, that's terrible writing, thin story, unbelievable characters.

It looks like THIS
It has sold in America, to another Random House imprint. It will come out here in paperback in March 2014 and it will be off to Frankfurt to see if any other company would like translate it into, say, Polish or Hungarian since it features those great locations.

It's being recorded as an audiobook with two great voice artists, one reading the contemporary strand and another doing the historical.

I've written a website: and I've joined two writers' groups. I've also started teaching again, which I love. Life is going well.

I've been blogging for Mslexia, which has been great. What a fantastic opportunity to reach a whole load of new people - who like books!

I have no idea really what happens next. On my MA, we had an editor come to speak to us from Pan Macmillan. He said about 1 in 10 books flies off the shelf, a couple do moderately well, and the rest don't make good sales, and cost the publisher money. It's like having a lottery ticket - you might win big but probably won't. Except you've narrowed the competition down a bit. Helen Fielding's bringing out the next Bridget Junes book on the same day... who doesn't like a bit of a challenge?