The Secrets of Life and Death

The Secrets of Life and Death is a supernatural mystery centred around Jackdaw Hammond, who lives on ‘Borrowed Time’; she has extended her natural life by sorcery designed in the sixteenth century. Jack has rescued another borrowed timer, fourteen year old Sadie, who barely has time to come to terms with her magical state before she comes under attack. Jack and Sadie call on Professor Felix Guichard to deal with the threats of a drug company, the Inquisition and the Devon and Cornwall police. Threaded through the events of the present, are the adventures of John Dee and Edward Kelley in 1585, as they attempt to push back death itself, under the sword of Istvan Bathory, King of Poland, Duke of Lithuania and Voivode of Transylvania. The Secrets of Life and Death will be published in October 2013 by Del Rey UK.