Tuesday, 2 October 2012

News and no news

The publishing industry is a bit of mystery to me as a writer. My book went out to sixteen editors sixteen weeks ago... and now two of them are thinking about it. I am incredibly thankful that I have an agent who is familiar with the workings of publishing, who is doing all the work, because I wouldn't know where to start. Let's hear it for agents!

Meanwhile, I'm writing and writing... I've worked out in those sixteen weeks I have rewritten and finished A Baby's Bones (88k) and am 20k in on the rewrite of the beginning of BT2 - the sequel to Borrowed Time/ The Secrets of Life and Death. I've also worked on another book. It turns out that I'm quite productive when I'm stressed. I'm also enjoying the research - Elizabeth Jane Weston was one of our most highly regarded Elizabethan female poets, but because she lived in Prague and wrote in Latin, we hardly know her. She was also Kelley's step-daughter... and he gave her a fantastic education. I think she would know something about his shenanigans in Europe.

I've also joined a writing class, and it's really nice to be working on stuff unrelated to books, even if only an hour or two a week. It was helpful meeting other writers, too. I'm looking forward to ending the uncertainty about the publishers, though...

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